A Table Top Fire Pit Is A Home Living Delight

A table top fire pit is as much a utility as it is part of your home decor. A winter evening without an outdoor table top fire pit is without all the fun, and family love talks around the glowing fire. It makes the family time so much full of warmth and verve. If you are planning to purchase a fire pit for your new home or for your recently renovated house, you will be amazed to see the plethora of options available. Besides, being a fireplace, they are pieces of beauty and style that enhances the decor of your home. A fire pit creates ambiance and warmth and makes your outdoors more appealing and inviting. These fire pits come in a variety of styles, shapes, and fuel types.

A table top fire pit for your home can be from any of the following varieties:

A cold evening without a table top fire pit is no fun. Any family loves a good conversation around the glow of a warm table top fire pit.

Wood-burning fire pits

Wood -burning fire pits are one of the most traditional yet extremely fire pits. Wood produces thick smoke that can be toxic if allowed to build up in a covered area. It can quickly displace oxygen and create an asphyxiating environment. It is recommended that wood-burning fire pits should be used outdoors only. It brings bare flames of a raging fire and embers that remain hot for a long time. Family and friends can spend hours around this table top fire pit and share both the warmth and the family time together.

Gas-fired fire pits

In terms of design and beauty aesthetics, a gas-fired table top fire pit is a more attractive choice. For this fire pit to find a spot in your house, you need to check out the ceiling height, location, ventilation, and flooring of the outdoor space where you want to install it. This fire pit combines style and simplicity and brings alive your outdoors as a decorative centerpiece in your patio or yard. It makes sense to keep a fire extinguisher within your reach.

Patio heaters

If style and simplicity are your objectives while buying a table top fire pit for your patio or the yard, patio heaters are also a great option. They come in various sizes as well as elegant designs that add both style and convenience to your home’s outdoors. These can also be mounted on the wall or the ceiling to provide warmth directly below. These heaters are completely safe and can be used indoors. 

Masonry fire pit

The rustic charm of a Masonry Fire Pit is a great yard alternative to the Table Top Fire Pit.

A masonry fire pit in the yard will give you that rustic wood-burning fire pit experience that you may be yearning for. You can either install a fire pit purchased from the market or get one built by the mason. It is a great addition to any patio or yard that needs extra warmth. However, a wood burning fire pit produces thick smoke, and you would need to build a chimney for better ventilation.

With the table top fire pits, you need to be watchful that the fire does not spread out of the pit. You also need to consider the flooring that you have in your house. Floorings made with wooden, vinyl and composite materials are combustible and, therefore, you need to be more watchful of the fire pit that you install on top of them. For table top fire fits, floorings made with concrete, stone, and brick are the safer options. A fire pit should not be used indoors or an enclosed space that does not have adequate ventilation. A fire fit will produce smoke and in absence of proper ventilation, the smoke with higher concentration of carbon monoxide can build up and create a toxic environment. It is recommended that a fire pit should be used in an open space with free air flow.

Final thoughts

A table top fire pit is an investment that would bring home a piece of utilitarian comfort and also something that enhances the beauty and aesthetics of your home and the outdoors. It is going to be a place where family members and friends would often converge for warmth on chilly evenings or cold afternoons. Here, you are going to have all your family members sitting and chatting over coffee and snacks.

This is going to be a permanent fixture in the patio or the yard in your home. While shopping for an outdoor fire pit, you should keep in mind that it’s going to be a fireplace so it has to be safe and you need to be constantly aware of the risks involved. So choose a table top fire pit that is safe. Also keep the ventilation aspects of it in your mind. You should install it in a place which is properly ventilated.

Table Top Fire Pit Designs

Did you know that there are an amazing number of creative table top fire pit designs? To learn more about the type of table top fire pit designs available, visit:

Table Top Fire Pit Designs

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