Where To Get The Wood Fire Pit

A wood fire pit is not only aesthetically pleasing but also gives warmth for outdoor parties. It gives the same feeling as a campfire under a starry sky. Who doesn’t enjoy spending summer evenings around the fire with a few friends? If you’d like to add a wood fire pit in your yard, we give you the reasons to take the leap and then we tell you where to get it.

A Wood Fire Pit simply boosts the aesthetics appeal of your home and adds warm comfort and charm on a cold day or night.

Inexpensive to install

To install a wood fire pit, you need bricks, metal frames and a stone over that. And you don’t need additional equipment. The fire pit can be built in half the time it takes to install a gas-burning unit. Since there are many custom designs, you can be sure you’ll find a fire pit that suits your budget. For gas-burning fire pits, you need a gas line that requires more time to install.

The cost of a wood fire pit will depend on the type of stone or bricks used. Of course, the cost will also be determined by the final touches the owner chooses.


A wood fire pit can be safe. However, you should take basic safety measures like cutting wood with caution or extinguishing the fire once finished. Always monitor children when they are around fire pits. Never skimp on safety, you may want to place the fire pit on a non-flammable surface.

Boosts aesthetics of your home

A wood fire pit creates a focal point for an outdoor gathering. You can’t compare the fancy landscape with the flickering blaze of real life. There’s nothing more exciting than sitting beside the fire in your yard as the stars twinkle overhead. This is also the perfect place to relax and unwind after a stressful day. While watching the flames can be a relaxing activity, it gets better if you’re in the company of friends. If you want to achieve the natural feeling of space, you should visualize and plan the entire yard. And to ensure there’s the right environment for snuggling up, a sunken bench can be nestled next to the sitting area.

Comes in various sizes

The space of your backyard will determine the size of the fire pit to use. Before you decide on the size of the fire pit, you should consider how many people will sit around. Do you want a small gathering space or a place to entertain large groups? Another great feature of a wood fire pit is that you can install it in any place in your yard. Make sure the pit is not too large as it could easily overwhelm the space.

For gas-powered fire pits, you have to consider the gas lines or where to place the gas tanks. A gas fire pit requires a gas line while a propane fire pit requires a large tank.

You can use the fire pit to make dinner

While gas fire pits can be used for cooking, the food tastes better in a wood fire pit. If you want a barbecue for friends, you simply pop the grill over the top. Needless to say, the smell of wood will get you in the outdoor mood.

Many buyers still prefer the outdoor wood burning fire pit over gas fire pits mainly due to its natural outdoor charm. For some wood is meant for the outdoors.

Increases home value

Let’s face it: most homeowners want a wood fire pit. While a gas-powered fire pit is eco-friendly and cleaner, wood fire pits give a beautiful outdoor look.

Styles and materials used in a wood fire pit

Wood fire pits come in different styles. Depending on the existing stonework, you can choose either mortared masonry or concrete pavers. A mortared masonry wood fire pit allows you to skip concrete and mortar. You can use old rustic benches where you can sit on a cool evening. For concrete pavers, the concrete blocks are held together with a construction adhesive. You can also use a fireproof liner to redirect the heat and warmth upward. If you don’t want to dig an in-ground fire pit, you can use the free-standing model. The style you choose should match your entertaining style and budget. You should also consider the surroundings, cost, and durability.

The main materials used in a wood fire pit include fire bricks, decorative stones, masonry blocks (concrete/granite), heat-resistant tile/stucco, and concrete pavers. Never use flammable or non-porous materials to make a wood fire pit.

Final thoughts and where to get the wood fire pit

A wood fire pit is arguably one of the best additions a homeowner could put in their backyard. It’s beautiful, warm, and inspires a conversation. So, where can you buy a wood fire pit? Amazon offers some of the best wood fire pits for your outdoor space at pocket-friendly prices. This saves you time and effort to build one yourself. A huge variety of wood fire pit designs can be found at Wood Fire Pit Designs.

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