Where To Buy An Indoor Fire Pit

Indoor fire pits, for a long time, have been considered a timeless piece that not only adds a taste of practicality and elegance to your home but also influences the finish on your interior setting. Choosing an indoor fire pit that best suits your needs and one that matches your interior decor can be a daunting experience.

Before shopping the market for an indoor fire pit, it’s important to understand the different types available in the market. While wood-burning fire pits are common among many homeowners, it’s often installed outdoors due to the high level of maintenance required.

where to buy indoor fire pit
The Indoor Fire Pit can add immense value to your home. Modern indoor fire pits are safe and are often gas fueled.

Some of the common indoor fire pits are: gel fuel, natural gas, propane gas and electric fire pits. Each of these types come in a unique design and picking one will mainly depend on your unique needs, taste, and preferences.

Why buy an indoor fire pit?

Everyone loves sitting around a warm and comfy fireplace, at least in their own homes. Having an indoor fire pit adds ambiance and comfort to an otherwise boring evening.

Gathering around a well-lit fire pit with your friends or family brings out the best of times as you trade stories from the old good days. If you live in a spacious room, installing a fire pit will add a touch of spice to the dull space and you won’t have to worry about living in a hall anymore.

Still not convinced that you should buy an indoor fire pit? Consider some of these reasons…

Fire up the indoor beauty

A fire pit not only allows you to drastically change your interior setting but also gives you control over what to highlight and what to leave behind as far as interior decor is concern. With the option to customize on the nature of flames, color, and even ambiance; you’ve all that takes to create anything unique or highlight something important in your home.

With a custom fire pit, you can realize any design that comes to mind. Since you can choose to either go with low or high flames, thin or thick flames; you can create natural lighting for a relaxing atmosphere or something warmer for the silent nights.

Keep warm during the cold seasons

With the right type of indoor fire pit installed in your home, you can keep you and your loved ones warm through the cold seasons without having to compromise on the style, peace, and elegance.

Add value to your home

If you live in a contemporary house or a non-modern one with no fireplace and want to make things look even more interesting, going for an indoor fire pit could be the solution. Here, style matters the most as it brings out exactly what you were looking for in a fire pit.

If you’re trying to bring in a sophisticated look, for example; you can choose to use glass crystals or red rocks for a natural and earthier sensibility. Embrace the power of colors and proper design to impress your next visitors with a visually stunning or rather a historic-looking fire pit right in your guest room or somewhere in the sitting area.

While some types of indoor fire pits can be used for cooking, the taste of the food prepared may lack the depth of flavor that an ordinary gas-cooker or oven offers.

Types of indoor fire pits

We mentioned five types of fire pits that you could have indoors, but only four are often used indoors since they don’t produce smoke and are easy to fire up, control and maintain. The four are;

Propane fire pits

There are three major types of propane fire pits;

  • A portable propane fire pit that can be conveniently moved from one place to another. Most designs are lightweight while others come with hidden wheels that blend well with the overall design.
  • A copper bowl design that features a fancy and luxurious feel. It’s often very expensive and last a lifetime. Before buying this type, make sure it’s designed for indoor use just to be sure you’re paying for what you intend to buy.
  • Propane fire pit table that comes with a rim-like structure surrounding the flames. This design incorporates safety especially for the young ones and has enough space where you can place your drinks or food while sitting around the fire pit.

Gel fuel fire pits

Gel fuel fire pits are clean and burn without smoke or scent. There are two main types of gel-fuel fire pits.

  • Gel-fueled logs that create a perfect indoor setting while concealing the gel fuel-holders inside the logs.
  • Tabletop gel-fueled fire pits that’s perfect for an indoor setting especially for those who want a great display to the patio table.

Natural-gas fire pits

A natural gas fire pit is often a permanent installation that sits on a safe location in your home. There are two major designs for this type.

  • Sunken design/model which is built down into your home’s dining or sitting area.
  • Round, square or tabletop design that’s raised above the patio with bricks or stones.

Electric fire pits

The popularity of electric fire pits recently is on the decline, mainly due to the higher cost of electricity. That said, they are still commonly seen in smaller homes and apartment style living.

Electric fire pits are attractive, fancy electric heaters. When it comes to presentation, they feature an array of faux fire logs. Popular designs include stand-along units and wall-mounted units.

Final thoughts

Of the four types of indoor fire pits, propane is highly preferred due to the many designs available and the versatility and portability of installing it anywhere in your home. One drawback is that propane gas can be expensive due to the need and the inconvenience of purchasing or re-filling propane gas bottles.

Gel type offers many beautiful design options only that finding the right type of gel could be a bit of a hustle. Natural gas, on the other hand, is inexpensive but offers little flexibility since it’s installed as a permanent structure.

There are different types of construction materials from metal, stone, and brick to concrete. Besides the type of material for your fire pit, you would also want to consider the type and material for the fire pit foundation.

For the type of fuel, it all comes down to your preference and often what you can afford. Wood fire pits are cheap and easy to install but aren’t great for indoor use since it produces smoke and takes time to set up. Gas and gel provide instant flame with lower fire risk.

Depending on what you want and the features each model presents; you’ll surely find an indoor fire pit to serve your needs.

When nothing short of spectacular will do, turn to any type and style of indoor fire pits to get started. Perhaps one of the best places to buy your indoor fireplace is at our catalog. The retailer offers a variety of design options from various manufacturers at pocket-friendly prices. To familiarize yourself with what you’re to buy, go through a couple of reviews before making your purchase. Check out some amazing new indoor fire pit designs.

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