Can A Portable Fire Pit Damage Concrete?

A fire pit can boost the curb appeal and functionality of any home exterior. It can be a great place for gathering and enjoying quality time with your friends and family. However, a fire pit can damage the concrete and can even make you spend on repairs. You can have this problem while considering a permanent fire pit. Though these are effective, they can be harmful to the concrete surface. If you are looking for a safer choice, you can go with a portable fire pit.

Portable fire pits can be easily removed and can be accompanied during camping and other outdoor adventures. They will not damage concrete. These are lighter, moveable, and safer. Also, these are available in different designs and can be a decorative addition to a patio. If you want to add a wow factor to your patio, you can simply get a portable fire pit. In this article, we will know more about the portable fire pit and what makes it a preferable choice.

The Portable Fire Pit is one of the most versatile outdoor hardware that you could have in your home backyard.

What Is A Portable Fire Pit?

Portable fire pits are not permanent constructions like traditional ones. The design will vary and you can choose any design to complement your home exterior. Some come with carrying bags and folding legs. A portable fire pit can create a cozy atmosphere while helping to relax and unwind. These are movable and can be used for any of our door adventures. Also, these fire pits will not damage the concrete.

How A Typical Wood Burning Fire Pit Can Damage Concrete

People normally use wood for permanent fire pits. The heat from the fire fit will slowly damage the concrete after a period of time. As a result, you will experience cracking, spalling, and ultimately that will weaken your surface and you might not be left with any other choice except repair or replacement. In brief, you can say that wood-burning fire pits will damage your concrete surface with continuous heat transfer. First, the heat will enlarge the concrete and then will cause the surface to break eventually.

You will not experience this problem while using a portable fire pit. You do not need to use wood in this type. Instead, you will have to use propane and that is not going to affect your concrete in any manner.

Fire Pit: Permanent vs Portable

It is certainly a matter of preference. If you want a permanent structure, you can go with the traditional option. However, there will be many shortcomings. First of all, you will need wood for your permanent fire pit. Wood can damage the concrete after a period of time. The heat will damage the concrete and the fire can cause other safety issues as well. Also, as it is a permanent structure, you cannot move your fire pit from one place to another. You cannot use it for camping and other outdoor adventures.

 If you will use a portable fire pit, you can expect a number of benefits. First of all, these fire pits come with legs and will not cause any damage to your surface. Also, you do not need wood for this fire pit. You will have to use propane gas. You can go through the following comparison to know which one is the better choice.


Permanent fire pits will damage your concrete. Also, these fire pits will limit your options. You cannot move them. A portable one can be versatile.


When it comes to safety, propane portable fire pit can be the best for outdoors. They will not cause an accident and will support all your outdoor needs. The permanent fire pit might not cause any safety issues. However, you will have to be extra careful to avoid an accident when you use wood for burning.

Good For

A portable fire pit can be best to boost the appealing look of your exterior. You can use them for many purposes. A permanent fire pit can be suitable for your home exterior only.

Not Good For

A portable propane fire pit might not be a suitable choice for indoors. You should never use them indoors as the carbon monoxide can be harmful to you and your family.

Final Thoughts

A portable fire pit can provide elegance, ambiance, and functional benefits. So are they safe for your concrete patio? They certainly are. Choose the right design and size and avoid using them indoors. Do you have a concrete patio but are stuck for some ideas on how a portable fire pit can beautify your home exterior? We are here to help. Visit Portable Fire Pit Designs.

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