Which Is Better? Fire Pit Grill vs BBQ Island

There cannot be anything more enjoyable than spending a weekend with family and friends. However, you need to have the right cooking and grilling appliances available in such situations. There are many options when it comes to grilling or making barbecue. In this article we will have a look at fire pit grill and compare the same with BBQ Island. Both are unique in their own ways and a comparison would help us to choose between the two.

The Fire Pit Grill is becoming increasingly popular with creative versions such as this. Nothing beats drinking, eating, talking and cooking together in a harmonious group of family and friends.

What is Fire Pit Grill?

Put in simple words when we refer to a fire pit grill we are referring to an appliance that is like a grill. It provides the necessary heat to cook different types of meat and other food items. They are perfectly suited for cooking outdoors. It is highly popular because it can be used to cook almost anything.

What is BBQ Island?

On the other hand when we talk about BBQ Island we are referring to ready-made grilling and cooking appliances made using different materials. It is for those formal occasions and perhaps would be better for small business meetings and other such event.

Both these grilling options are popular and in this article we will do a comparison between the two and find out as to which is better. Let us try and look at both from various attributes and then come to a conclusion based on which customers and readers may perhaps be in a better position to take the right decision.


When you have an outdoor party, whether it is in the back yard of your home or an outdoor area, you would like the place to look good and add a bit of excitement and positivity to it. Therefore, when we look at aesthetics, there are reasons to believe that Fire Pit Grill could be a much better option. It allows more freedom to the users to create their own surroundings based on specific needs and requirements. It certainly helps to create a cozy atmosphere outdoors and the glowing ambiance it creates beats BBQ Island hands down.

Social Rating

If you wish to create an extension of your home that can be used for relaxing and socializing, you can be sure that Fire fit grill could be a much better option. Just think of a cool and pleasant evening you are spending with your family and friends where the fire pit grill could be cooking you some of the best possible food in an informal atmosphere. If you and your family members or friends wish they can easily go back to their home and again be back to socialize and relax. This may not be possible with even the best of BBQ Islands.

Price Range

A popular fixture at home, the ever reliable BBQ Island can’t quite have the social pull that a creative fire pit grill has.

When it comes to price, it is quite obvious that a fire pit grill would be a much better option. You can get some of the best fire pit grills within a price band of $100 to $300. On the other hand, there is doubt that quality BBQ Islands are more expensive. If you really want a decent BBQ Island you must be ready to spend at least $1,000 and the higher end models may cost you as much as $3,000 and more. Unless you are able to create the right ambiance and atmosphere it is quite possible that BBQ Islands may start looking very much out of place.

All Around Use

The good thing about fire pit grills is that you can use it almost through the entire year, except perhaps during heavy rainfall, snowing and other such weather conditions. You will certainly have many reasons to live outdoors during the weekend, holidays or even each day after spending some stressful time in your office or workplace or your business. It can make a big difference to your Christmas and your Halloween bonfire nights will never be the same again when you sit around the fire pit grills with your family and friends.

It Can Cook Almost Anything

Fire pit grills are considered a better option because they are considered to be unique and more versatile. You can also cook almost anything with these cooking devices. It can dish out some of the most nutritious and tasty grilled food items and whatever you can cook on a barbecue fire pit, you can also do it here.

Final Thoughts

We are sure that the above would have given our readers a reasonably good idea about the basic differences between Fire Pit Grill and BBQ Island and there are some reasons to believe that the former could be a better choice. Browse the range of designs, visit: Fire Pit Grill Designs.

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