Can A Fire Pit Be Used On A Wooden Deck?

A fire pit can be used on a wooden deck with some improvisation to make sure that the heat and flames from the fire pit do not reach the deck. Alternatively, there are fire-pits meant for wooden decks on the market that are specially built with a view to providing warmth but not damaging the wooden flooring underneath.

With a bit of planning, the fire pit can be used on a wooden deck boosting aesthetic appeal and adding cozy warmth. Your family and friends would just want to keep coming back for it!

These fire pits keep the radiant heat away from the surface. This objective is achieved by placing heat-resistant pads under the fire pits. Besides, some accessories such as spark guards are used to prevent embers and sparks from jumping out of the fire pit to the wooden surface.

It is important to note the manufacturer’s recommendation that says the fire pit is safe to be used on composite, wooden or vinyl surfaces. You may try improvised solutions to make an ordinary fire pit suitable for any of these surfaces made with combustible materials but they will not be safe enough.

With specially-built wooden deck fire pits, you can enjoy a higher standard of safety for your house and the wooden deck. These would be more reliable and safer than any DIY solution that you may come up with.

Because of the additional safety measures, a fire pit that is suitable for use on wooden deck may be a little costlier and call for a more elaborate installation. This kind of fire pits would come with some accessories such as mesh spark guards and heat-resistant base stands. These will add to the cost.

There are many reasons why someone would like to use a table top fire pit on the wooden deck. Some of the most prominent reasons include:

Aesthetic appeal

Nothing can match the glamour and elegance of a table top fire pit burning in flames on a wooden deck. The set-up looks exquisite and complete. You perhaps need nothing more to enhance the sensual and visual appeal of an evening that has a beautiful fire pit burning atop a classic wooden deck.

Entertain family and friends

Such a beautiful and enticing evening where a fire pit burning in all its glory is set against a wooden deck is just the kind of environment your friends and family members would have been waiting for. Jamming with them over drinks and snacks would become so easy and appealing that you would never like to miss such an opportunity.

Price, styles and materials

Wooden deck fire pits are available in a large range of materials, styles and sizes. The average price of these fire pits is $250. You can find more expensive fire pits with enhanced beauty and features and also more economically priced ones.

Wood, propane and natural gas

The fire pit can safely go on a deck. New fire pits are designed with built-in safety mechanisms.

The fire fits can be of many types themselves depending on what fires them. A wooden deck fire pit is a classic one while more ergonomic variants such as those powered by propane, natural gas, and electricity are also available. These can provide a much cleaner fire devoid of smoke and the dangers that come with the wooden deck fire pits.

Cost to run

The cost to run these fire pits depends on how much you use them. While propane, natural gas and electricity run fire pits are relatively less expensive to run than the wood-burning fire pits. The cost of running them a few hours in the evening would be negligible amount of money.


There are chiefly two major safety concerns. First, a negligent or reckless use can lead to fire, and second, if you use these fire pits indoors with inadequate ventilation, it can lead to asphyxiation and cause event death. So never use them indoors. If at all you use them, make sure there is enough ventilation for the smoke to escape. The good news is that many outdoor fire pits nowadays are designed with built-in safety mechanisms such as emergency shut-off switches, that help improve safety.

Good for

Wooden deck fire pits are good for outdoor use and they add a great deal of style and ambiance to the overall set-up.

Not good for

These fire pits are not suitable for indoor use. Even outside, it is recommended that you keep a watch on the fire that it does not spread too far from the pit. The idea is to make sure that it does not lead to a fire.

Final thoughts

A wooden deck fire pit is a delightful addition to your patio or yard. These are designed and engineered in such a manner that they do not expel radiant heat to the wooden surface. There are also spark guards that ensure that the stray flames do not land up on the wooden surface. On the whole, these are great products.

There are a wide variety of wooden deck fire pit designs, such as these: Wooden Deck Fire Pit Designs

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