Outdoor Fire Pit – Propane vs Natural Gas vs Wood

An Outdoor Fire Pit, whether it is propelled by propane gas, natural gas or wood, will brighten the atmosphere and warm the mood ten-fold.

What better way to stay warm and enjoy outdoors with family and friends with a high quality outdoor fire pit. With so many designs, you can really dress up your outdoor area with a purpose-designed and built outdoor fire pit.

There are three main types of propellants for your outdoor fire pit:

  • Gas fire pit – also known as natural gas fire pits, these are fueled through a permanent link to your gas line
  • Propane gas fire pit – alternative to gas lines is the bottled propane gas fire pit
  • Wood fire pit – as its name suggests, a wood fire pit is still loved by many.

You might be wondering which is better for the environment you live in, or whether it is economical to run, or even how safe they are. We compare the three most popular fire pit propellants: natural gas, propane gas and the good old fashioned wood fire pit.

  Gas fire pit Propane gas fire pit Wood fire pit
Price range Good, but pricier to install Best Average
Cost to run Good Average Poor
Heating efficiency Best Good Good
Portability Poor Good Average
Safety Good Good Average
Range of styles Best Good Average
Good for – Most versatile for homes and businesses
– Wide range of styles
– Gas allows greater control of flame
– Suited to permanent fixtures such stone, concrete and decking
– Some models suited to cooking.
– Temporary or portability needs.
– Occasional usage.
– Gas allows greater control of flame
– Suited to decking.
– Some models suited to cooking.
– Homes with ready access to chopped wood.
– Suited to permanent stone or concrete fixtures.
– Many models suited to cooking.
Not good for – Indoors
– Portability
– Indoors
– Frequent need to buy propane tanks
– Might run out when you’re in the middle of entertaining.
– Indoors
– Air quality due to smoke and fine particles
– Purchasing wood can get expensive
– Harder to clean.

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

You will be amazed at the huge variety of styles, materials and propellant types in use for outdoor fire pits. To learn more about what is available, visit:

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

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